An Exciting Night Out Without The Baby

Can’t relate to it but a masterpiece

The Ugly Volvo

a a transcript of date 1

Jonathan enters the restaurant grinning and sits down across from me.

Jonathan:  Ready for our hot date?

Me:  I know– look at us going out to dinner like regular adults who don’t have a baby!

Jonathan:  I know!  (Smiles)

We shuffle our silverware for a few seconds and sip from our water glasses.  I pick up a menu and glance at it, then put it down.

Me:  So… (I flounder for a moment, trying to think of something to say)  Work was good today?

Jonathan:  Yeah, today was good.  Not too busy and everyone was in a pretty good mood.

Me:  Sounds good.

We pause, smiling at each other.  Neither of us says anything for several seconds.

Jonathan:  (Pauses) It’s just so nice to be OUT.

Me:  I know.  It’s so exciting that he’s not here.  I mean I miss him…

Jonathan:  Obviously I…

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