Untamed Animals

Mankind or Womenkind, whichever you prefer, has been in a conflict with its existence ever since the creation. Call it seeking the truth, grabbing the gist of the universe or whatever. The fact remains that the enigma of ‘homosepiens’ and its origin keeps on baffling us for whatever reason there is. Was it Adam and Eve or coco the monkey, it depends mainly on the amount of self esteem you have.

I ain’t trying to sound philosophical but three things of ours have assisted us in defeating the storms of time. Ear, Eye and Brain. We see. We Listen. We deduce. And then we put aside the results and do whatever the hell we want. We can, with a bit shame and sense of delusion, state that Human race is the most superior on this planet earth, right now. But honestly I am getting tired of this sub par race without any power other than self destruction. I have been waiting for the flying humans. Darwin fooled us and will be laughing at us in his grave, well only if we find HIS fossils there. Touché Darwin, Touché.

If survival really was for the fittest, we’d be extinct long ago. Maybe its time to give up and stop sustaining our race. Leave the nature alone. Maybe for us, brain was too much to handle. Gay people are trying but a more collaborative act is required. Lately the number of bastards in this world seems to be escalating and I don’t mean the literal type.

Ok ok ok, I won’t start preaching religion. You can worship CERN if you want. But as we tear into an era of mindless invasion of nature shouldn’t there be rules. We have advanced in every field but in humanity, it looks like we are going backwards. We are collectively guilty of failing to restrict our desires. Freedom. We throw that term around like a Pakistani batsman throw away his wickets (sorry if you don’t get it, I couldn’t resist). To what extent will it go.

A civilization without limits is no civilization at all. We need to choose the boundaries like a recruiter chooses his/her employees. Analyzing the candidate in worse case scenarios knowing they might not happen but what if. Only if we took this matter as seriously. Today suffer from leaders who think ‘five years and that’s it, unless….’ . But our leaders are nothing but a depiction of our image as a race. Believe me, there can’t be sadder image than this.

Quit whining, contemplate and change yourself today for a better tomorrow.


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